Survey Neuro is designed for brands and marketing research companies to conduct their consumer neuroscience research.

Face Coding

Facial Coding uses AI software and webcam for quantifying emotional response to ads, digital videos and other brand contents used in market research.

Researchers recognize that emotions, both conscious and non-conscious, drive audience engagement, brand loyalty and purchase decisions.

This method, scientifically and unobtrusively measures emotional engagement responses to stimuli, revealed through facial expression activity. Key emotion traces are captured in real-time, via webcam, and displayed to the moderator and viewing room or streamed to remote clients.

Online Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is sensor technology for the measurement and recording of eye gaze activity in response to stimuli. For marketing research application, an eye tracker will track eye position and eye movement, including pupil dilation, to pinpoint interest and reveal reactions which might otherwise be go unreported.

Survey Neuro includes powerful visualizations with viewers’ gaze data superimposed over the stimulus. Based on fixation counts, the heat map gives an aggregated view of the results including what is seen and what is ignored. The connected dots display data from one or several recordings as individual gaze points and scan paths.

Implicit Response Time (IRT)

Implicit reaction time tests (IRTs) are one of the fastest growing approaches in market research. Online, objective and cost-effective, they capture consumers’ immediate, gut instinct or subconscious responses to brands, campaigns, new product concepts, packaging designs and a vast array of other marketing related outputs.

Free from the biases of conscious rationalization and distracting ploys inherent in quantitative and qualitative research, IRTs offer marketers a chance to study consumers at a deep, emotional level and predict their behaviour more accurately than has previously been possible.