Survey Neuro built with the knowledge and experience of Smartlook Analytics, Smartlook Analytics was founded in 2013 by experienced Marketing Researchers to provide Neuroscience Services at the highest scientific and professional standards. We provide our clients with innovative approaches to help them make marketing decisions based on valid, reliable and objective information on how their customers perceive advertising, shopper experience and user experience.

Some of our clients

What we offer?

Our online platform helps you connect to anywhere in the world. So you can make better designs, more powerful ideas and more engaging ads.
Neuroscience Technologies

Neuroscience technologies allows you to conduct consumer neuroscience research using webcam based; eye tracking and facial emotion coding technologies.

Advanced Market Research Surveys

Powerful survey with advanced features; Flow & Logic, Rotations & Randomizations, Quotas, Multi-Language

GDPR Compliant

Survey Neuro has features and functionality for GDPR compliant surveys.

Global Recruitment

We partner with reputable global panels to recruit participants from all over the world for your global research.

Expert Team

Our expert neuroscience team is ready to support you with any research you need.

Raw Data

We share the raw data with you so that you can conduct an in-depth study in your research.

Our services

We provide you with all the technology and support you need in the field operation.
Field Support
Field Support

Our field support team is ready to give you the support you need throughout the field.

Survey Script Writing
Survey Script Writing

Our expert team do the scripting for you. You will have the chance to review the survey and make changes before launching

Data Reporting
Data Reporting

You can view your data in real time from our dashboard. At the end of the project, we prepare and deliver your reports in the format you want.